The First “R”

You name it; we have seen it and repaired it. Throughout our history we have been handling fire, wind, & water losses. Throw in an occasional vehicle through a building, sinkhole, vandalism, lightning, or break in and we have repaired just about every type of damage from almost every type of disaster. Knowledge and experience is what you should expect to receive when you hire a restoration contractor. That is exactly what you get when you choose R&R Construction.

Due to our reputation and service that we have provided over the years to the insurance industry, we have been fortunate enough to be placed on some of the larger insurance company’s direct repair vendor programs. What does that mean? It means that the insurance company will assign the claim to us directly. We go out and photograph, estimate and repair the damage. We send all the information to the insurance company electronically, and they adjust the claim from their office with our information. We mention this because we want to demonstrate to you the level of trust that we have gained from top insurance carriers as a result of handling restoration projects properly.

Whether it is the cooking fire that got out of control, the pipe leak that runs for a week while no one is home, or the tree splits your house in half, R&R Construction, Inc. is the only contractor that you want to hire to restore your home. Let our team of experts make your house a home again.